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• 7/18/2018

What program do you use for animation?

Hey I'm a fan of your series, and I admire the way it is made :) I know it's not as professional as the original Total Drama, but of a fan made version it's revolutionary :D I my self have an idea of a miniseries, containing Total Drama characters, but not in a competition way. I have the characters, I just want to know how you make the animations? Feel free to link to software, and keep up the amazing work :) By the way, I'm waiting with excitement for the next episode (If the project is not closed down) :D
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• 10/23/2017

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• 3/25/2017

Can we make pages on the wiki about the voice actors?

It occured to me that some of the people who visit this site might want to know a little bit more about some of the actual actors in the series. They all don't have to be very revealing or anything, just like a short, 1 paragraph bio about that person and maybe some of their other roles in different projects.
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• 4/26/2017

Who Are Your Favorite TDGW Characters?

Who are your favorite TDGW characters so far? :)
Personally for me, mine are Chad, Jade, Nate, Celia, and Tim. :D
PS. Also was anyone surpised in Michael being the first one to be eliminated? I sure was.
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• 9/9/2016
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