The Brutish Buffalos is one of the two opposing teams on Total Drama Gone Wild. The Brutish Buffalos consists of Brandon, Celia, Daniel, Diana, Iris, Maia, Michael, Nicole and Remi. Their symbol is a face of a green buffalo with a scar on one eye and it's glaring. It is mounted on a lime-green circle with a dark green ring surrounding it.

Total Drama Gone WildEdit

In Beginners' Luck - Part 1 Chris explains that the first challenge is to swim to the beach. While eight of the contestants manage to complete the challenge, the other nine did not complete it. Later on, Chris revealed that it was a team picking challenge, which meaned that the nine contestants that did not complete the challenge are on the Brutish Buffalos. The other eight contestants were on the Deadly Parrots.


Brutish Buffalos teammates
Brandon | Celia | Daniel | Diana | Iris | Maia | Michael | Nicole | Remi


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Michael male 17 9 Beginners Luck-Part 2 Celia manipulated him into painting the island's landscape which caused his team to lose the challenge, and the team blamed him for not making it to the finish line.



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