• 17th: Maia - I don't really remember any lines she had.
  • 16th: Brandon - Just didn't talk enough or get that much screen time. 
  • 15th: Diana - Same reason as Brandon.
  • 14th: Sandy - Need to see more from her. 
  • 13th: Iris - Also need to see more from her, but we did get a look into her personality. 
  • 12th: Bobby Joe - We got to see his personality in this episode and it resembles his audition tape so well done!
  • 11th: S. Deezy - Nice personality so far, I just wish we could've seen him interact with others. 
  • 10th: Remi - Has a great design, good personality so far. Want to see more of him in future episodes.
  • 9th: Nate - I really like him so far, looking forward to seeing him interact with Daniel although it might be hard since they're on different teams. Nice touch there :) 
  • 7th/8th: Chad and Jade - I really liked both of them this episode. We got to see their personalities and their personal lives. Good job! 
  • 6th: Michael - I really, really, really like his design. I also liked all of his lines in this episode. I don't know why, but I just did. Hope to see him stick around for a bit! 
  • 5th: Celia - Clearly wants to win and be the main antagonist and doesn't mind letting other people know that. Most people compared her to Heather, which I definitely see, but I want to see how she interacts with other people in future challenges and episodes. She'll definitely be in the competition for awhile. 
  • 4th: Nicole - Design like Courtney's, personality like Duncan's I like it. Definitely what their daughter would be like. I like her design, personality and interactions with others. 
  • 3rd: Daniel - Interesting name and character design. She has a great personality and I can't wait to see how she interacts with her teammates, especially now with Remi on her team. 
  • 2nd: Tim - Has a great design and personality. I also like his voice actor. Can't wait to see more of him! 
  • 1st: Madison - Has the word finalist written all over her. Has a great voice actor, design and personality. She's different from Sky and I think that's what people might compare her to. Can't wait to see her interact with people more. 

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