Here's like, some genderbent names for the Total Drama Gone Wild cast I came up with! XD LOL I'm legit trying here. 

Bobby Joe - Betty Jo

Celia - Cedric

 Remi - Rita is all I can think of. ;w;

S. Deezy - S Deeza

Maia - Marlin is all I can think of. ;w;

Sandy - Sander

Diana - Damien

 Brandon - Bernice

Daniel - Daniela XD (See what I did there?)

Tim - Tabitha

 Michael - Michele

Iris - Ivan

Madison - Mason

Jade - Jason

Nicole - Nicholas

Nate - Natalie

Chad - Charlotte (This was my personal favorite! XD) Like, Charlotte Labouff from Disney's Princess And The Frog! XD I thought that name would fit perfectly! XD

If you have different names for them, comment here and tell me your ideas about them! :)