• 17th: Brandon - Okay...
  • 16th: Nicole - Say stuff.
  • 15th: Bobby Joe - Uhm, you did nothing.
  • 14th: Michael - Who?
  • 13th: Tim - Boring.
  • 12th: Maia - Okay ish?
  • 11th: Celia - For a villain, you are over shadowed.
  • 10th-9th; Deezy and Remi: Both did very little.
  • 8th: Iris - Okay, so after the first scene, it was like, what?
  • 7th-6th: Diana/Sandy - See Iris.
  • 5th: Chad - Not as good as Jade.
  • 4th: Nate: Eh. Daniel carried him.
  • 3rd: Madison - One of the few "not letdowns".
  • 2nd: Daniel: She was like a better Maia. A WAY better Maia. 
  • 1st: Jade: So good!

Undetailed, but super cynical. 

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